Effective Immediately all Outpatient groups will be hosted online via Zoom at our normal times. Please follow the instructions below to join the group. This is due to the national emergency related to the COVID 19 virus.

  1. Download the “ZOOM” app or go to zoom.us

  2. Create a profile

  3. Click “Join a meeting”

  4. Enter Meeting ID listed below for your group

  5. Enter password: Seahawks (If prompted)


  1. MONDAY Click on or enter  https://zoom.us/j/94656924113

  2. MONDAY GROUP Meeting ID is 946 5692 4113


  1. WEDNESDAY Click on or enter https://zoom.us/j/686841336

  2. WEDNESDAY GROUP Meeting ID is 686-841-336 


  1. WEDNESDAY Click on or enter https://zoom.us/j/93158573332

  2. WEDNESDAY GROUP Meeting ID is 931-5857-3332


  1. SATURDAY click on or enter https://zoom.us/j/367807850

  2. SATURDAY GROUP meeting ID is 367-807-850

IOP GROUPS (Mon, Wed, Fri @ 3:00 PM)

  1. IOP click on or enter  https://zoom.us/j/95664774162

  2. IOP GROUP meeting ID is 956-6477-4162


  1. IOP click on or enter   https://zoom.us/j/97489964501

  2. IOP GROUP meeting ID is 974-8996-4501

YOUTH GROUP (Tuesday’s @ 3:00 PM)

  1. IOP click on or enter   https://zoom.us/j/94759574058

  2. IOP GROUP meeting ID is 947-5957-4058

Jeremiah Individual Therapy Sessions

  1. 1 on 1 session click on or enter  https://zoom.us/j/729107951

  2. INDIVIDUAL SESSION meeting ID is 729-107-951

Shawna Individual Therapy Sessions

  1. 1 on 1 session click on or enter   https://zoom.us/j/92654684807

  2. INDIVIDUAL SESSION meeting ID is 926-5468-4807

Trent Individual Therapy Sessions

  1. 1 on 1 session click on or enter   https://zoom.us/j/91469945691

  2. INDIVIDUAL SESSION meeting ID is 914-6994-5691

Sarah Individual Therapy Sessions

  1. 1 on 1 session click on or enter    https://zoom.us/j/91038116085

  2. INDIVIDUAL SESSION meeting ID is 910-3811-6085



Put Yourself in Our Hands

Sound Integrated Health is a safe haven where you can unwind your mind and body and focus on getting better. There are a variety of programs for the different types of treatment we offer, all designed with your comfort in mind. Contact us today to determine which program will best suit your needs.



Healthy Recovery

The doorway to accessing treatment and recovery starts with an Assessment by a State Certified Substance Use Disorder Professional. 

Substance use disorders are a disease like any other medical condition affecting brain function and everyday behavior. It leads to a dependence on drugs, alcohol or medications; if addicted, the individual continues to use the drug even if it’s harming them. Every drug is different, so there’s no single way to determine if someone will develop an addiction.

There are a few reasons clinicians perform an assessment. Mainly, it’s to determine if an individual meets the criteria for a substance use disorder diagnosis and, if so, how severe the disorder is at that time. Other reasons include finding out if there’s a comorbid disorder or other drugs being used and to learn how much substance use affects the person’s daily life.The information gathered during the evaluation is private and only used to create a personalized treatment plan to focus on during the recovery process.

Responsible Care

An intensive outpatient program can be the first line of treatment, a step up from a less structured outpatient program when needed, or a step down from a residential program after a certain amount of progress is made. This helps to form a seamless continuum of care. Our Intensive Outpatient Program at Sound Integrated Health includes a minimum of (3) 2-hour group therapy sessions per week for the initial 90 days of treatment accompanied by a 60 minute individual therapy session at a minimum of once per month. 


At Safe and Sound Recovery our Outpatient Program is customized specifically to your individual needs. We offer 1- hour group therapy sessions most days of the week to meet your needs and offer individual therapy as well. 



Confidential and Comprehensive

Sound Integrated Health's Re-entry program provides  comprehensive and evidence based re-entry services to jail inmates prior to and post release of custody. It is our mission and priority to reduce the proportion of individuals experiencing homelessness and lack of resources following release from institutions.  Behavioral Health treatment paired with a coordinated intensive re-entry program can provide education, support, resources, and community connections to address these identified service gaps.

Our Re-entry program creates a cross-system partnership which facilitates persons in the jail with substance use disorders, Mental Health issues and/or life barriers to become engaged with behavioral health treatment and also provides connective services to community resources that address the multiple barriers experienced when re-entering the community. Our care team is dedicated to removing the barriers and overcoming the social determinants of health that the majority of inmates experience once released from custody. Our model will promote healthy living, self care and will set individuals up for success while lowering the rates of recidivism in our community.

Help is here!

Our peer support specialists offer a system of support founded on the principles of respect, shared responsibility and mutual agreement of what is helpful. Our peer support team serves by sharing their own life experiences and resources while bringing hope to people in recovery by promoting a sense of belonging within the community. These services are often multi- faceted and include but are not limited to :

  • Individual Advocacy

  • Life skills education

  • development of natural supports

  • crisis management support

  • Resume building

  • Job and housing assistance

  • Individual case management

  • family support

  • Support groups

  • referrals and much much more


Quick Help for your Mental Health

We provide Psychiatric consultation and follow up. This includes new diagnosis and ongoing treatment for common Mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD and others. We can get you in to be seen QUICKLY and get you on the road to recovery.



Fax: 253-799-7197

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